Automation Robotics is dedicated to improving productivity and cutting the cost of your operation. Whatever your needs, our engineering expertise and robotic knowledge make us the ideal partner. Find out what we can do for you today.

While most applications have become standardised, we have discovered a surge in the use of automation, especially robotics, by companies looking for improved productivity, economy, quality and safety.

For each application there are endless configuration possibilities to adapt our robots. Our most popular machine, the 6-axis robot is versatile enough to be utilised for multiple applications in a range of environments. We also have more specialized robots that cater to more specific jobs.

Standard System Packages at affordable prices, and an unswerving commitment to quality engineering, design and manufacture, gives PAK Automation a significant competitive edge in the global robotic packaging industry.

Our sales territory stretches through Europe to the Far East, our area of expertise is backed up with a client list that includes household names and SME’s in industries with a tradition of automation, as well as some surprising sectors where automation is a new departure.

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