Our Expertise

For close to 30 years Automation Robotics has delivered turnkey robotic solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers.

As Ireland’s leading robotics supplier, our goal at Robotic Automation Ireland is to offer automation expertise to our customers.  Our engineers are experts in all aspects of the automation process, from robotic technology through to control systems and machine vision.
Robotic Palletising Cells
Part of the PAK Automation Group, Robotic Automations’ experience and knowledge encompasses automated packaging machinery, automated components, process design and a wealth of industry experience.

By offering this level of service and expertise, we can assure you your automation requirements will be met.

Robotic Automation’s specialist knowledge in the integration, tooling and programming of robots includes relationships with industrial robot manufacturers and leaders in the automation business.
As well as the design, manufacture and installation of robots and robotic applications, Robotic Automation Ireland also provides engineering consultancy services and feasibility studies.