Pressure to increase production, enhance quality and cut costs mean robots are no longer the preserve of huge companies and the industries traditionally associated with them.

With thousands of robots installed across Ireland, they are now used by small and medium-sized companies for a range of tasks in industries from pharmaceuticals to packaging.

Robotic Palletising
Robotic Assembly
Robotic Handling
The benefits of robotic palletising include cost savings, low maintenance, high speed, small footprint, customizable, high repeatability in positioning, and simple operation.
For assembling products from medical devices to transmission gears, our robots offer high accuracy and dexterity. We offer complete custom engineered turnkey solutions for a variety of assembly tasks.
Handling covers a range of applications, from dedicated pick and place to machine tending. Our robots are often used in the food industry for jobs such as picking foodstuffs from conveyors and placing them into boxes.
Robotic Cutting
Robotic Welding
Robotic De-Burring
Cutting Applications

The dangerous nature of laser, plasma and water jet cutting makes robots the ideal choice. They give accurate results time after time, in three dimensions and with greater accuracy and flexibility than many dedicated cutting machines.

Automation Robotics offer fast accurate welding. Our robots handle MIG, TIG, arc laser and spot welding. Welding robots can be delivered as standardised machines or designed for the specific needs of your operation.
De-burring and Grinding
Robotic de-burring and grinding allows for increased throughput in the removal of burrs, fins and sharp edges on parts. This low cost solution has a fast return on investment and frees up valuable floor space.
Robotic Sealing and Gluing
Robotic Painting
Robotic Polishing and Finishing
Sealing and Gluing
For dispensing applications, robots manipulate a dispenser or gun to apply materials like adhesive, sealant, glue or washing solution to a stationary or moving part. The manipulative capability of the robot is the primary function that makes it especially suited for these applications.
Painting and Spraying
Explosion and non-explosion proof robots for painting and coating can work in a variety of hazardous and volatile environments giving an excellent and consistent finish. Painting robots are immune to paint shop conditions and offer problem free operation in proximity to explosive or flammable materials.
Polishing and Finishing
Six-axis robots can clean, polish and fettle almost any part or surface material. An array of different programs and parts can be adapted by one installation. This allows for versatility and produces an excellent finish quickly and efficiently on a consistent basis.