Automation Robotics is Ireland’s leading designer and supplier of robotic systems and bespoke automation solutions.

If you want your operation to become more efficient, faster and more cost effective, Automation Robotics has the answer. Our systems are flexible, user-friendly, and cost effective. Able to handle a wide range of applications, over the years our robots and robotic technology have helped hundreds of customers save money and boost productivity.

Apart for the enormous financial benefits, a major advantage of robotic solutions is versatility. Robots are easily modified and programmed for a variety of tasks. Changes in their tooling and improvements in vision technology have greatly expanded the range of applications and abilities of automated robots.

Other advantages of robotic automation include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved output quality
  • Reduced labour demands
  • Increased reliability and ease of use
  • Ideal for dangerous tasks and tough working environments

The ongoing developments in quality control and technology have led to an increase in the use of robots in the workplace. For companies looking at ways to cut costs and remain competitive it’s a natural progression. For those who have already taken the step, it’s now an indispensable part of their operation.

Automation Robotics’ expertise and experience is the sensible choice for your automated robotic needs. Our engineers can build bespoke systems backed up with training and support. You will also be impressed by our prices.
Robotic Solutions

Automation Robotics Ireland is the official integrator for both Kawasaki and Toshiba robots in Ireland.